Our goal is to become the most sustainable hospitality group in the UK.  We’re not there yet, but we're making small positive changes and improvements to how we work every day.  Here's some of our achievements to date.


We source most of our meat directly from local, organic and community farms that share our beliefs in sustainability.  We buy whole animals and do our own butchery, which includes dry-aging and making our own charcuterie.  This approach minimises waste by utilising all cuts across our menus.


We bake our own slow-ferment breads using local organic heritage wheat.


We support growers who produce quality vegetables, salads and herbs using sustainable practices.


Our menus change frequently, reflecting the seasonality and availability of local produce.  Keeping fewer dishes on the menu helps significantly reduce waste.

Reducing Waste

We're constantly looking at ways to reduce our food waste.

We've partnered with Too Good To Go, a tech social enterprise that helps find grateful recipients of our unsold cafe dishes at the end of every day.

The Magic Hat Cafe (part of The Real Junk Food Project), take our surplus and leftover ingredients and turn them into delicious meals at pop-up "pay as you feel" events.

Warrens ensure that our waste is handled responsibly, recycling  as much as possible and minimising our environmental impact.

You can follow our sustainable food journey on our Fresh Element Instagram.